Sunday, December 31, 2006

Some loosely connected musings:
Now its winter 2006, the author of this blog has finally finished college, and we have had a severe windstorm that has damaged 2 buildings here and blown down three 100 year old trees... the worst storm since the inaguration day storm in the early 90's - not even close to the Columbus day storm and this one shut off the power to 1.5 million homes. Climate change is upon us people.

I am frequenly haunted by overwhelming sadness combined with buring anger at the blatant ignorance and unabashed hedonistic actions of the bush oligarchy which has a terrifying grip on our nation and our culture. It scares the hell out of me. Why can't we just be happy to be warm, dry and not hungry? Why do we have to have new cars, SUVs that spew filth into the air we breathe, 500, 000 dollar mansions (there are plenty where I live and I am being taxed out of my small home because of them), toys, toys, and more toys, sex, drugs, rock and roll, vacations in mezo-america where indiginous people act as our servants, power lawn mowers, power windows, automatic everything... and on and on and on. This whole life of excess we have created for ourselves is screwing up our perception of reality. Where does your food REALLY come from? EARTH OK, PLAIN OLD EARTH. And what about cloned meat? Whats wrong with that? ILL TELL YOU: As business developes more and more efficient (= profitable in USAspeak) meat producing animals by cloning the "good" ones, the gene pool becomes smaller and smaller. Remember the potato famine in Ireland? It happened mainly because of a monoculture of potatoes. They were all attacked by a virus and the whole crop was destroyed and millions of people starved to death. Now what happens if a virus gets into these "good" meat producing monocultured animals in say 30 years or so? Sure just use antiboitics to fix it... WRONG. We already know that causes huge problems. Well, if you have any brain cells you get my point.

Our military is our protection and should be a weapon of self-defense only - bush has destroyed this image. The people in the military are to be commended for tolerating a commander in chief who has repeatedly put them in harms way. And yes I am a veteran - a Vietnam era veteran - so don't give me any crap about not knowing military life.

The OFFICE OF PRESIDENCY is to be honored but the president is elected and should not be considered one in the same. Don't blame me for this mess in Iraq: 80 billion dollars a month to kill, bomb and terrorize people in the name of freedom - I did not vote for bush - he must go and to say that IS PATRIOTIC. If you voted for bush then, for God's sake in this next election PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF and don't fall for bullshit. Yes caps - I am screaming that, ok.

Just because someone holds up a Christian bible or a Quaran or any holy book and uses it to justify violence of any kind does not make them morally and ethically right. To knowingly cause suffering is not the same as good. If you can't figure that out then get thyself to college and learn about philosophy and ethics from people who have spent their lives studying such things. They know more than you do. Trust me, they do. You may be a mechanic or a carpenter, or a banker, or a mason, or a factory worker but if you don't collaborate discuss and read about ideas others have pondered you will be ignorant. Notice I said ignorant, not stupid. No one is stupid. That is just an insult. To say one is ignorant is to say they have not yet learned. Children are ignorant but they are blessed indeed; for they are our future.
more later....