Friday, November 25, 2011

Ok, now what?

Wow, no comments and only 900 or so views in the past 7 years, and only 2 spams. So why continue? Probably the same reason someone puts a message in a bottle, and sends it off on a journey at sea - maybe someone will read it. . . . . The difference is, here, it is possible to know if your stuff actually gets looked at - well sort of; anyway.

Apparently, none of the stuff I put here is relevant to anyone's interest. My other blog, has lots of comments and has only been up for several years - but its totally relevant to other's interests even if they don't know me. So here we have it. If you happen to be a person who is reclusive, or maybe somewhat shy, or maybe just busy and you really don't "know" anyone then nobody gives a *!@$#@ about you. Its like the rest of society is saying: if you don't want to initiate and push yourself on others then you must be a self centered, spoiled, attention whore. But, hey, lots of people hit up my other blog and say nothing to me, but sure spend time reading the information I have provided for free, now if that's not self centered then what?

Have you ever had this happen:
You're at the food market and someone chooses to try to strike up a conversation with you. What do you do? Depending on where you live, most people will just give the cold shoulder and refuse to engage. The problem is that there will always be that thought "What is this person after"? If you're a guy and another guy does that you will probably assume he is gay. If you are a woman and a guy does that you will probably assume he is "after" something. If you are a guy and a woman does that you may assume she is "after" something. Now if you are a woman and another woman does that you may assume that she is trying to one-up you. Hang-ups and misconceptions - maybe . . . . Sadly there is a lot of truth to those scenarios. What if we could have a world where there would be no pre-conceived notions and every social interaction was actually what it seemed to be, and there were no hidden self-indulgent motives. Gawd, life would be easy then. You could say what you mean and mean what you say. Naahhhh, that makes too much sense. It seems as though, we, as adults, have the neurotic need to make life complicated, stressful, confusing, painful, fearful and at times, meaningless.