Saturday, October 28, 2017

Another winter is arriving

       Its October 28, 2017; and we have, according to the forecast, 3 days of bright sunny weather left, and then into the abyss of a pacific northwest winter. Rain, 40 degrees and snow possible. Darkness mostly every day for the next 4 months. Most certainly, wind storms will hit us also.

       Our idiot president, who has virtually no diplomatic or social skill, and even less military sense; and a large majority of Republicans, reportedly would like to have us go to war with North Korea. They want us to go full speed ahead burning coal and petrol, with no controls whatsoever. And furthermore, these politicians want to trash our national parks.  Insanity has infiltrated. God help us.

       There really is nothing else to say. I'll write more when and if I recover from shock and deep depression. We have given those of you who are less than 45 years old a huge mess. I apologize for all those my age (baby boomers) who are so incredibly ignorant and self centered.