Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yet another rant

Ok, time for another long-winded musing. Have you ever read a news story (like the ones about the "horrifying runaway Prius" reports that have hit the airwaves and internet lately) and found it so far off from the truth that it was just screaming out for a comment - only to find that there is no place for comments, or the place to comment is so hidden that few can find it? Probably you have, they are all over. Faux news is really good at this little trick. Then, there are the comment spaces where 3 or 4 people have an argument about something that is totally off topic or so inane than you wonder how the people even learned to type, and they go on for several days with hundreds of posts? I have read the ones about the Prius. Some of them are so stupid they are funny. . . people who obviously know nothing about electronics making comments that would make an apprentice electronics tech laugh, people who claim to be engineers making comments about electronic parts and circuits that are so far off its not even funny. Ok enough.
Faux news, ABC, and all you r. murdoch subsidiary ceo's , your tactics suck. This is the internet, you don't own it and you never will. Your supposed-subtle-yet-obviously-lame attempts at mind control only work on sheep people. And hiring shills to post crap is also so obvious it is funny. Now just get outta here and go sit at the retirement home with rupert and enjoy your ugliness together, leave the rest of us alone. Got it?