Monday, January 29, 2018

Ok, time for another post, even though no one will read it. The current political situation in this country is, well; . . .   the best way to describe it is this:
elect a clown, expect a circus.

All that aside, this year (2017) has been crazy. Huge fires in the western US. . Deathly hot summer temps. Then horrific rain storms and flash floods in California at the end of the year and the beginning of 2018. Now more hot weather in southern California. Also horrific fires in Washington state, British Columbia Canada, and Oregon in 2017 summer time. We drove through California in late June, temps were between 105, and 110 in the shade; unbelievably hot in the sun. People going crazy with firearms. Large groups of people who claim the earth is flat. Racists. The rest of the world is appalled at the behavior of our orange clown so called president. He's an actor in the movie Idiocracy. Just too much. We have grandchildren on this earth. God help them, we sure aren't.

If someone had told me back in 1958 that our country would be in this situation now,  I would have thought they were crazy. The incredible stupidity of the current administration is so far beyond anything imaginable it is mind blowing. We have our orange clown, who commands the most powerful military in the world including nuclear weapons, blithely spewing forth insults to another clown who also has nuclear weapons. Both of these clowns are indubitably insane. To make things worse, the news media spews forth garbage that is exaggerated in order to sell advertising and attain viewers: entertainment, at best. News is a farce. Public radio is caving in to the circus of news. Trump is right about one thing, there's lots of "FAKE" news. That's about all he's right about. We have whitehouse spokespersons suggesting "alternative truth". That's right up there with the flat earthers. Please, PLEASE, vote in the next election and please PLEASE try to sift through the crap and get to the truth before you  vote.