Sunday, November 20, 2016

Mr. Trump, will you make America great again?

 It looks like the minority of the voting population has selected our new president, thanks to the electoral college and those who did not vote. Good job, people; you just delivered a smashing blow to anything resembling a democracy here in this country.


Out of 218,959,000 people of voting age, 146,311,000 are registered, and out of that 129,235,000 actually voted.  Clinton got 63,551,979  votes and trump got 61,898,584 votes. Trump got 306 electoral college votes, and Clinton got 232 electoral college votes. Trump was correct, the election was rigged, as are all presidential elections as long as the electoral college is used to determine the president.  Trump got less than 33 percent of the total possible popular vote, and got over 50 percent of the total possible electoral votes. These numbers are not my opinion, they are facts. If you have a difference with that, let me know and I'll change things here, cite your source.

For those of you who did not vote, or register, mr. trump probably thanks you.

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